Monday, March 7, 2011

Bobbie Has Arrived

Bobbie made it safely to London. Robert was there to pick her and Trump up. She looks great and has a lot of color in her face. We all went out to dinner at a great Italian restaurant. Tomorrow Bobbie will get a chance to do some training also.


  1. Great new to hear Bobbie made it safely,and I am sure a little spagetti and beer will revive her quickly from the long trip.

  2. Please tell Bobbie I am SO happy she was able to go. Give her a hug for me! Do they have Hefenweizen in England? Tell the rest of the team I said hi and I especially enjoyed Dave's training video (I have to admit I have a golden bias). blessings to all and tell Sylvia I said hi, too!
    Kathy Klein

  3. Yeah for Bobbie! So glad to hear she is there!